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If you want excellent business phone systems, Maryland full-service local phone company is for you. In addition to unlimited Maryland business phone systems, our cool preconfigured and ready to use multi-function IP phones give you unlimited Maryland PBX/VoIP business phone service. Our business phone systems, Maryland phone and voice mail systems, are simple, safe and economical service--without contracts—make us a successful business's first choice. Be sure to ask us about our exclusive promotional discounts and trial offers. Keep your existing phone system's Maryland phone and PBX Systems are limitless with great features. Join us today, with free estimates, no hidden fees, and around-the-clock great support.

Using their phone systems, Maryland businesses send and receive important information to and from vendors, manufacturers, distributors, service providers, regulatory agencies, and both current and potential customers. In addition to voice-enabled phone systems, Maryland businesses use their phone systems for voicemail integration and auto attendant features. Using automated dialing phone systems, Maryland businesses can conserve human resources for more complicated tasks. Phone systems Maryland businesses use may include fixed, mobile, PBX or VoIP technologies. The type of phone systems Maryland businesses use can drastically limit or improve the quality of their contact with potential clients. By keeping up with the latest technological advances in phone systems, Maryland businesses can get a leg up on the competition.

Voice mail, auto attendant and call transfer, as well as park and hold features, are the most basic features on phone systems Maryland businesses may have at their disposal. Also useful to many Maryland businesses is the addition of call-forwarding, call-waiting and call-screening features. Voicemail, internet voicemail, message-alert and on-hold music functions are features of phone systems Maryland businesses may also find helpful. Speakerphone options may also be important to Maryland businesses, including dedicated Department Groups, room monitoring, caller id, and sip trunking. Using VoIP, virtual PBX and cloud PBX phone systems, Maryland businesses can connect multiple office locations with mobile employees through a single phone system. Merging fax transmission, call-handling and messaging, and routing them all through an auto-receptionist to bring office and mobile personnel together, comprises a feature of its own, whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

By combining local, toll-free and mobile access numbers on their phone systems, Maryland businesses increase their availability to current and potential customers. Using call-waiting features can also avoid missing calls and interrupting workflow when business personnel are busy speaking on another line. By using voicemail features on their phone systems, Maryland businesses can improve workflow by attending to missed calls or other unfinished business at their earliest convenience. Using conversation record is a great way to improve customer service, not only by avoiding delays from mishandles cases, but also by improving your sales or service process. Auto-receptionist equipped phone systems Maryland businesses use work around the clock, without down-time or overload. Maryland businesses can significantly improve their workflow by incorporating these call-handling, voicemail, message-alert and electronic fax features through an auto-receptionist, using local, mobile and toll-free numbers.

Considering the benefits of including local, mobile and toll-free numbers is essential in deciding the phone systems Maryland businesses should use. Many Maryland businesses should also consider adding call-forwarding, call-waiting and call screening features, as they greatly improve an active business's ability to communicate. As equally important features of their active phone systems, Maryland businesses should consider incorporating voicemail, internet voicemail, message-alert and on-hold music functions in order to avoid missing calls and messages. Night service ringing can also be important considerations to many Maryland businesses, as company employees now work around the clock to fulfill a growing demand for flex schedules. Phone systems Maryland businesses are likely to consider most functional merge VoIP and virtual PBX technologies to connect multiple office locations with mobile employees, using an auto-receptionist. Taken as a whole, these numerous features create a unified communications network within a single phone system, propelling Maryland businesses forward.

Phone System Standard Features

?Auto Attendant usually takes the place of a receptionist by presenting callers with a list of options to route their call, such as "Dial 2" to speak with someone in Service or "Dial 4" to speak with someone in Sales. Most Towson companies use this feature also when it's after normal business hours.
?Conferencing Features allow two or more extensions to connect together to share in a conversation. Usually, the default is two. If you require more than two, ask what the maximum number of callers can be used on your business phone system. Some phone systems only allow internal extensions to be conferenced and others allow external conference calls through MD and other states.
?Employee Directory allows callers to look up an employee's extension within the MD company by entering the first few letters of their name, this is a great feature for customers who want to reach inside contactsin a hurry.
?Call Hold gives users the ability to put a call on hold while the user attends to other matters. Standard feature will all business phone systems.
?Call Forwarding gives the user the ability to forward all calls to another extension, to voice mail or off-site location.
?Speed Dial is a system feature on all business phone systems that allows fast acccess to frequently called numbers.
?Redial allows the last number called to be redialed with the touch of a button.
?Paging allows a user to speak over a paging system with external speakers, over just the phones or can even be predefined paging zones for departments within the company..
?Music on Hold gives your callers something to listen to while they are on hold. It can be music or prerecorded messages sometimes referred to as advertising on hold.
?strong> Help Key On some of our systems, there is a Verbal User's Guide built right into the phone system. Just press the HELP key, and the system literally talks users through any feature with which they may need assistance.
?strong> Live Call Recording Recording of any conversation or personal “voice memo”; allows moving and copying recordings to others’ mailboxes (auto-recordings available with optional VIP family of applications)
?Account Codesfor greater access control for outgoing calls

*Above is only a partial list of features. Please confirm specific requested features with your representative as some systems vary.

Phone System Advanced Features

?Multiple Tenants This allows for multiple companies to run from the same business phone system with seperate automated attendents.
?Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Routes calls within designated departments based on agent availability
?Call Reporting for greater tracking of employees and call logs
?Cellular Managmenet lets you use a business phone to manage calls to and from a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone
?Security Access Integration uses key fobs for building or office access control, employee tracking and helps reduce payroll errors through reporting
?Video Monitoring allows for standard captured video feeds to be recordeda dn viewed at later times.
?Presence Management the phone system allows you to help manage employee comings and goings into your facility and maintain security

*Above is only a partial list of features. Please confirm specific requested features with your MD representative as some systems vary.

Phone System Voice Mail Features for MD Businesses

?Voice Mail Ports/Channels determines the amount of callers that can be leaving a message inside the company's phone system voice mail at any given time.
Storage Capacity (2,4,6,8, etc)
?Easy Colored Key to access voice mail.
?Off Premise Delivery gives the callers the ability to locate a cell phone or page off-site for emergency contacts
?Multiple Mailbox Types including group, broadcast, informational, cascade notification, guest, and Q & A mailboxes
?Group Mailboxes for one-step moving of a voice message to other users mailboxes
?Virtual Mailbox Key for monitoring of additional mailboxes
? AutoPage for alerting users over ESI desktop phone speakers (or, if connected, overhead paging system)

*Above is only a partial list of voice mail features. Please confirm specific requested features with your MD representative as some systems vary.

Phone System Network Cabling in MD

?Phone and Data Jacks are there voice and data jacks located in the office where a user will be seated?
?Fax Lines can be ran to ensure faxes have a dedicated line.
?Network Printers allow for company employees to have a central location for printing all materials.
?Home Runs is a term used to explain voice and data wiring. Do all your employee location's cables run to a phone closet or server room?
?Network Hubs are used to provide a data gateway to your internet carrier
? Structured Cabling Patch Panels allows for termination from your employees locations inside the company office space.
?Fiber Optics can be used for minimal data loss, high bandwidth properties of fiber cable can be used over greater distances than copper cables, in data networks this can be as much as 2km without the use of repeaters.

*Above is a suggested list of considerations for your new office or company relocation to MD MD.

Additional Phone System Options for MD Businesses

?Back Up Power will provide your business phone system with an alternate source of electricity for 10 to 60 minutes in case of a power outage. Does your Towson

location experience power outages?
?Gas Tube Protection helps protect and lower the chances of your business phone system taking a direct lighting hit during a thunder storm.
?Expandability does it make sense to purchase a slightly larger business phone system for a growing business?
?Polycom Conference Phone gives your company a professional full-duplex conference phone for large meetings.
?Headsets Optional: Corded or Wireless and easy to use. Most phones come with a headset jack. Great for a receptionsist or sales teams.

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